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    P&H Sea Kayaks Cetus Expedition Sea Kayak Review

    Any trip that requires a stable and efficient sea kayak that tracks well even in challenging conditions is fair game for a Cetus, so all manner or crossings and coastal day-trips are on the menu, too. Read the full review now.

    Prijon Poseidon Tandem Sea Kayak Review

    As a sea kayak, the Prijon Poseidon leaves some things to be desired. As a general touring kayak though, even for multi-day camping trips, it excels. A great all-rounder, that doesn't quite hit the mark for the more chaotic conditions of the sea.

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    Tahe Marine Reval HV Sea Kayak Review – Tried & Tested

    We really liked the Tahe Marine Reval HV sea kayak, you will quickly feel comfortable and confident paddling in it and we suspect it will cope well even in the toughest sea conditions.

    14 Best Sea Kayaks – The Ultimate Sea Kayak Group Test

    Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing areas of paddle-sport, and has been...

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