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Note on Materials and Quality - Teak & Carbon Fibre Options

Rarely is canoeing a low passion hobby. Those regularly hitting the water will no doubt be seeking out the best experiences possible. After your first few months on the water, you might well be considering purchasing your own canoe so you no longer have to rely on rental options. Doing so can be a great idea, you will no longer be limited by the location of the rental company and can instead explore to your hearts content.

However, there is much to be considered before buying your first canoe. Spend the time to research this decision carefully. Take into account your rough budget, goals, how long you want it to last and if you have had any particularly positive experiences from certain makes, models and brands. You can even take a peek at the brands offered by your local rental company to get some ideas on where to start. Remember though, a good, solid canoe should last for many years to come. Why? Simply because they are (or should be) built to do so.

Flimsy polyethylene options will of course not compare to sturdier, solid wood ones but they will come at a considerably lower cost. If you are more advanced and/or are committed to the long-term, you should strongly consider going with a teak wood option (this wood is incredibly durable and high-quality which is why they make anything often exposed to harsh elements out of it - everything from canoes to teak garden furniture!). You will pay a premium but wont find yourself replacing it and will have an incredibly enjoyable paddling experience time after time.

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