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    Prijon Poseidon Tandem Sea Kayak Review

    As a sea kayak, the Prijon Poseidon leaves some things to be desired. As a general touring kayak though, even for multi-day camping trips, it excels. A great all-rounder, that doesn't quite hit the mark for the more chaotic conditions of the sea.

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    Prijon Poseidon Specifications

    Volume:491 Litres
    More Information:

    Prijon Poseidon Features

    • HTP Polyethylene High Performance Thermoplast
    • Adjustable padded seat
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Adjustable padded thigh-braces
    • Adjustable pedal style foot-braces
    • Spacious storage compartments
    • Thermoformed plastic & neoprene hatch covers
    • Bow & stern flotation Bulkheads
    • Screw top deck box
    • Cable lock loop
    • Ergonomic carrying handles
    • Deck pack – safety nets fore and aft
    • Full perimeter safety deck line
    • Bow painter line
    • Rudder ready (rudder optional)

    Getting Started

    The first thing that struck us about the Poseidon was its length. At 520cm, for a two-person kayak of this type, it’s very short.

    The outfitting was simple, but tidy and the cockpits provided plenty of comfort, with a generously padded, and easy to adjust backrest.

    Storage comes in the form of large storage hatches in the bow and stern. These have neoprene covers to seal them watertight and then a tough plastic cover that is fixed in to place with quick release buckles to add further protection.

    The day hatch in front of the rear paddlers is easy to access and useful.

    There were deck elastics on the rear and a handy elasticized cargo net, which is handy for stowing items.

    It also has a useful bow painter, great for mooring up etc.

    Our test boat was also fitted with an over-stern rudder, which is an optional extra.

    It’s wide too and has a strong keel line on the bow and stern to aid with tracking.

    On The Water

    Our first outing in the Poseidon was on the sea over on the east coast.

    Waters here are generally fairly sheltered, although there is a fair tide at certain times.

    The Poseidon is super-stable thanks to its width and that will inspire confidence in less experienced paddlers.

    That width combined with the Poseidon’s short length does translate in to a distinct lack of forward speed though. At least when comparing to other tandem sea kayaks out there on the market.

    It also felt like the two cockpits were quite close to each other and we had to be careful to keep the strokes in time to avoid the odd paddle clash.

    Keep the communication up though and this wasn’t really a problem and would only really be an issue if you had a complete beginner in the front.

    Once we were up and running the Poseidon easily dealt with the small waves and that stability really makes it a confidence inspiring craft.

    It probably sounds from the above that we didn’t like the Poseidon but that’s not really the case. It’s just that we think it’s a little unfair to label it with a sea kayak tag.

    It’s not a thoroughbred tandem-sea kayak, so in comparison to other boats it loses out on the speed front and it wouldn’t be our first choice for open crossings or extended serious sea kayaking duties.

    We think it would be better described as a coastal and inland tandem tourer because it is a great boat for exploring close in coastal waters, estuaries and lagoons.

    Our second outing was on an inland river and again the Poseidon proved to be a great touring platform.

    It has plenty of storage space for camping gear.

    We found that the rudder was a welcome addition, as it’s not the most responsive of boats, but with the rudder down, and controlled by the rear paddler, it was easy to adjust course on the move, which left us to concentrate on simply forward paddling.

    It’s comfortable too, something that’s really important in a boat that you may want to spend many hours in exploring the waterways.

    It’s fun paddling a tandem too, cruising along in rhythm and chatting away putting the world to rights as you rack up the miles.

    Its stability is also reassuring and confidence inspiring for those with less experience, so it’d be great for introducing family or friends to the joys of kayaking.

    The blow-moulded HTP construction is tough and the Poseidon can take any knocks along the way.

    It’s also nicely finished with some nice attention to detail; we particularly liked the useful built in bow painter.

    Review Summary


    • Strong blow-moulded HTP construction.
    • Nicely finished.
    • Plenty of storage for camping gear.
    • Tandem cockpits mean you can introduce friends and family to paddling.
    • Builds up speed quickly.
    • Very comfortable.


    • More suitable for coastal or in-land tandem touring than sea kayaking.
    • The cockpits are quite close together, which increases the chances of paddle collisions if paddling with a beginner.
    • Limited forward speed.

    If you want a serious sea kayaking tandem then the Poseidon probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but if you want a great touring tandem for exploring the coastline, lakes, lochs, rivers and estuaries, with plenty of storage space for multi-day adventures then it could just be what you’re after.

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    The Prijon Poseidon isn't quite suited for advanced sea kayaking, but it is amazing as a more general touring boat and even multi-day camping expeditions. Still, we found it to be comfortable, easy to control, and great fun as a tandem option.


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    The Prijon Poseidon isn't quite suited for advanced sea kayaking, but it is amazing as a more general touring boat and even multi-day camping expeditions. Still, we found it to be comfortable, easy to control, and great fun as a tandem option.Prijon Poseidon Tandem Sea Kayak Review