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    The Best Sea Fishing Kayaks UK

    There is nothing better than paddling your sea fishing kayak out on a sunny Sunday morning, sitting back and waiting for your first catch. In calm conditions just about any kayak with decent storage space will do, but these aren't the conditions that you need...

    The 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks UK

    You don't have to spend much time out on the water before you realise just how many benefits there are to kayaking. Beginners, intermediate and advanced paddlers will see benefits spanning the physical, mental and emotional. Not only does kayaking work your core muscles (not to...

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    Wave Sport Mobius Freestyle Kayak Review

    It is rare to come across a freestyle boat that takes absolutely every move in its stride. The Mobius freestyle kayak is forgiving and was a joy to test. Read the review now.

    Pyranha Everest Whitewater Kayak Review – Tried & Tested

    The Everest is a great boat, and we thoroughly enjoyed testing it. We were pleasantly surprised by how versatile this 'specialist' kayak is, and we would recommend it for pretty much all straight up river trips. Read the full review now.

    Dagger Axiom Whitewater Kayak Review

    This is a kayak with a big footprint to fill, as it replaces the classic, ‘best selling kayak design of all time’, RPM, in the Dagger line up. Read the full review now.

    Riot Thunder White Water Kayak Test & Review

    The Riot Thunder is jack of all trades, made to sit comfortably in steady river or hole and all the same riding a wave in the ocean. Does it meet these needs though and would we recommend it? Find out now in our review.

    Pyranha Kayaks Loki Whitewater Kayak Review

    Pyranha Kayaks took their time bringing out the river play kayak called the Pyranha Loki. As a company they have always been perfectionists, and via multiple design overhauls they really perfected this one. We rushed it straight to the nearest whitewater we could find to put it through its paces and publish this review.

    LiquidLogic Stomper Whitewater Kayak Review

    There can be no denying that the Stomper, the new boat from American company Liquidlogic, is a fast boat: before it even went into production a prototype was paddled to victory in the Teva Mountain Games over there in the states, which would have required it to hold a line well through some very big water, as well has having the precision to make the fastest lines. Read our review of the finished product now.

    Fluid Kayaks Detox Whitewater Kayak Review

    The Detox whitewater kayak has been designed for kayakers that are looking for a kayak that can fulfil a range of roles. A Jack-of-all trades rather than an out and out specialist. Read the review now.

    Pyranha Kayaks Burn 3 Whitewater Kayak Review

    The Burn 3 does a great job of following on from, and pushing forwards, the legacy of its predecessors. Its balance of versatility and performance sets a very high standard that will offer a huge amount to a broad range of whitewater paddlers. Read the full review now.

    Best Kids Kayaks UK – 3 Top Junior Kayaks Tried & Tests (By Real Kids!)

    No longer do young paddlers have to put up with badly fitting boats that are harder than the QE2 to turn and control. This article presents you with the best kids kayaks to choose from.

    Dagger Alchemy Touring Kayak Review

    A short playful boat that’s at home on lakes, rivers, estuaries and indeed the sea. The Dagger Alchemy touring kayak is a great one for laid back flat water trips, but could be out of its depth in rougher sea conditions.

    Perception Kayaks Prodigy II 14.5 Tandem Touring Kayak Review

    Breaking into the not unsubstantial flow of the river, everything about the way the Prodigy II felt was confidence inspiring. Read the full review now.

    Perception Expression 11 Recreation & Touring Kayak Review

    The Perception Expression 11 Touring Kayak is a piece of great kayak design, pure and simple. We enjoyed every minute of our time paddling it. It is fast enough to get some solid miles under the hull, and has the capacity to carry kit, if you want to and so will have real appeal to aspiring touring paddlers looking to do longer trips.

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    You don't have to spend much time out on the water before you realise...