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    Dagger Alchemy Touring Kayak Review

    A short playful boat that’s at home on lakes, rivers, estuaries and indeed the sea. The Dagger Alchemy touring kayak is a great one for laid back flat water trips, but could be out of its depth in rougher sea conditions.

    Perception Kayaks Prodigy II 14.5 Tandem Touring Kayak Review

    Breaking into the not unsubstantial flow of the river, everything about the way the Prodigy II felt was confidence inspiring. Read the full review now.

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    Perception Expression 11 Recreation & Touring Kayak Review

    The Perception Expression 11 Touring Kayak is a piece of great kayak design, pure and simple. We enjoyed every minute of our time paddling it. It is fast enough to get some solid miles under the hull, and has the capacity to carry kit, if you want to and so will have real appeal to aspiring touring paddlers looking to do longer trips.

    Dagger Katana E Crossover Touring Kayak Review

    The more we thought about it the more we began to see the Katana as a perfect tool for opening up UK based mini-adventures. Read the full Dagger Katana E Crossover touring kayak review now.

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