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    Best Dry Suits – Dry Suit Group Test

    Immersion suits, or as they are more commonly known, dry suits, have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Nowadays the best dry suits are built with paddlers in mind, so they don't limit performance and movement. Read our dry suit group test now.

    Best Shorty Cags – The Short Sleeved Cag Group Test

    Summer paddling is great and when the sun finally deems to pop its head out, or if you decide to head off to warmer climes, then donning a full on long-sleeved cag can be a bit on the warm side. That is why we have compiled this list of the best short sleeved cags. Read the article now.

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    Best Dry Cags – The Dry Cag Group Test

    A good dry cag is an essential mainstay in many a paddler’s gear bag. So, we put the best dry cags available to the test to bring you a definitive answer to the question of what is the best dry cag. Read the post now.

    Best Dry Trousers – Dry Trouser Group Test

    As it comes time to pack away the board shorts for another year, we put a selection of the best dry trousers on the market to the test to help you to find the right trousers for you. Read the best dry trousers group test now.

    Best River Shoes – River Shoes Group Test

    Your river shoes will have a HUGE effect on your comfort whilst paddling out on the water. So you should spend some time picking the right pair. To help you do just that, we ran a river shoes group test. Read our findings below.

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