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Welcome to the new Canoe & Kayak UK 'Where-To-Paddle' Guidebook, we're kicking things off with river guides to our favourite UK whitewater runs and we'll constantly continue to add and update as often as possible. Each guide should give you the information to plan your trip. A flavour of the river, where to get on and off, significant rapids, where to stay, where to eat, even where the nearest canoe shop is! We'll be working hard to make this as extensive as possible (except when it's really raining when we'll be out paddling some more rivers).

We'll be adding touring and sea kayaking routes in the very near future too.

The guides are interactive too, because as we all know rivers change, so feel free to update and make a comment and let your fellow paddlers know of any new hazards, rapids, access issues or even cake shops!

We hope that these guides will help you to discover new runs and that you'll enjoy them as much as we did. Paddle hard and paddle safe.  Team CKUK

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Available in both print and digital versions.

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