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This is the information hub of the Canoe & Kayak website, whether you are looking for a local canoe club to join, book on a kayaking course,  find your nearest canoe shop or want to contact one of the team simply click on the following links:

Canoe & Kayak Markertplace a great place to buy canoeing & kayaking gear Canoe & Kayak Marketplace - this is where you can find out more information about any business associated with canoeing & kayaking. Find details of gear suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, mail-order companies, training courses and holidays organisers.

Canoe Clubs
- want to find your local canoe club or make contact with other canoeists or kayakers in your area then all the details are here


The Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine Test TeamThe Canoe & Kayak UK Team - Looking to get in contact with any of the team that bring you ot Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine then this is the link for you.

British Canoe UnionCanoe & Kayak Links - These are specific organisations and recognised paddle-sport bodies in the canoeing and kayaking world that might offer you further information

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