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Conquering the Nile at 17

Uganda is somewhere I wanted to go as soon as I got into playboating but thought I would never have to skills to do so. I would watch videos and see pictures of these professional kayakers styling it…

From Jake Deakin

Managing Risk

I was really pleased to see Bill Mattos had submitted an article on risk in this month’s CKUK. I have a lot of respect for Mr Mattos, I like his writing style and he’s been an inspiration…

From ABC Paddling for mortals.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself…

Well nearly nothing. There’s rocks, drowning, trees and big holes that want to kick the stuffing out of you but apart from that there’s really nothing but the fear…. ;-) I came…

From ABC Paddling for mortals.

Clear bottom kayak: Observe the underwater world while kayaking

If you were born for kayaking, then the kayak you need is the one which has a transparent bottom. More popularly known as a clear bottom kayak, such kayaks can really make things much more thrilling…

From Enjoy your water times with Conquest adventure gea

Clear bottom kayak: Observe the underwater world while kayaking

If you were born for kayaking, then the kayak you need is the one which has a transparent bottom. More popularly known as a clear bottom kayak, such kayaks can really make things much more…

From Enjoy your water times with Conquest adventure gea

Nirvana. Or Cardiff International White Water as it’s otherwise known…

So I’ve been off paddling for a while due to agonising pain in my wrist. Then two things happened: Firstly I saw a physio & secondly I took two weeks off work (Easter). This was great because the…

From ABC Paddling for mortals.

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2 New Canoe Trails Launched in Northern Ireland

This week sees the launch of two outstanding new coastal canoe trails in Northern Ireland; the Foyle Canoe Trail and the South East Coast Canoe Trail. Both of these trails allow paddlers to…

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A beginner's thoughts . .

Hi all, just got into kayaking (as a complete beginner!), and thought you might be interested to hear my trials and tribulations. Watch this space and I'll give you some more detail on our gear,…

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Last Post: 10 Jan 2010
A new Beginning

I am 35 and probably far to old to take up Kayaking again but what the heck! When i was younger I went on a number of camps and trips were i learned to canoe and kayak. Although i always wanted my…

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ABC Paddling for mortals.

We've all seen the blogs hosted by superhuman paddlers; making it look like their kayaks can fly.. Well this isn't one of those. I've never blogged before... I paddle rivers & I love to surf. I…

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Last Post: 11 Jun 2013
About Me!

I love my canoeing and I find it very fun! I canoe in racing boats and I train at The Lincoln Canoe Club! My favourite boat is probably The Espada, I also like White Water Kayaking and I mainly do…

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absolute beginner

....but i do have a set of plans !!! well here i am well into my forties and i have decided i want to mess about on the water apart from an outing as a young boy on the local boating lake (and we…

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Alex's Blog

A numpty with no idea in training for the DW. It could get interesting!

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Last Post: 28 Oct 2010
Anybody Home

I am a male 52, and a beginner in the sport of kayaking. I would like to find a partner to go paddling at the weekends. I can't make it every weekend due to work and family commitments. I have bought…

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Art & Sea - Custom Kayak Designs | Boat Names |

Art & Sea is a unique company offering custom graphics to the kayaking world. We specialise in high quality graphics and decals for kayaks, paddles, helmets and loads more. Our website -…

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Last Post: 26 Nov 2010
Asymmetric Paddler

My then boss, it's all his fault, wanted me to go windsurfing. One sunny afternoon we went out to a nearby reservoir where he let me try his windsurfer - and I was useless. Truly awful, but there was…

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Last Post: 23 Jun 2009
Back into the Water

Thought i would start a blog on this site, i dont blog anywhere else so it's as good a start as any. Well i'm 38 i used to paddle alot when i was in the Army, i was a kayak instructor, but the last…

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Last Post: 14 Feb 2012
Banjo Snapper @ London & South East Canoe Show
Banjo Snapper in action

Just wanted to say a big thanks to George and the boys who had us play at their event Saturday night. Thanks also to everyone that was there as we had a great night and the crowd was…

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Blackdog Chronicles

Pointless rantings about current things in my life

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Last Post: 06 Mar 2008
Born again canoeing

I was inspired to write this having read another blog, "A New Beginning" by Andy. I am following a very similar path except that I am now almost 65. Having owned a wood and canvas canoe in my youth…

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Last Post: 12 Jul 2010
Born again Kayaker

Never blogged before, but I've just read Andy's post about buying a kayak on ebay, and though what the heck. Used to do a bit of paddling back in my youth when glass fibre was the in thing, and…

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Last Post: 01 Apr 2009

HELLO PEOPLE, am I alone when it comes to kayaking, struggling to "push the bounds" of my ability, and appearing to be loosing the battle? I ask this as for many years, I have suffered with fragile…

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Last Post: 25 Nov 2010

just me voicing some unheard thoughts and updates about canoeing.

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Last Post: 07 Oct 2008
Cheap Oakleys free to all the

Cheap Oakleys free to all the <br> be admitted to the privilege of said library under the direction of said town, by paying a sum for membership and an annual tax for the increase of the same. And…

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Claire's rambling's

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Last Post: 10 Feb 2010
Dan's Blog!

I'm a 28yr old paddler who belongs to a group of Norfolk Paddlers called the 'Flipmonkies'. U might be thinking - Norfolk, what kinda paddling can you do in Norfolk!? Well tell u the truth, not much!…

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Last Post: 21 Jan 2008
David Lindsay

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disabled kayaking

I have just took up kayaking and am disabled with right arm missing at the elbow. Has anybody got or know anybody who has got some advice for paddles etc. If their are any disabled kayakers who…

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Discount Oakley 2013 I oakley sunglasses

Discount Oakley 2013 I oakley sunglasses <br> which could be admired in domestic life. He would conclude with reciting a few words from Shakespeare, in a spirit not of contradiction to those…

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Does anyone in the UK own a Liquid Logic Inuit 14.

Hi I wonder if anyone can help as I’m interested in owning a Liquid Logic Inuit 14.5. None of the UK dealers have one in stock and the importers Systems X will not get them in on spec. The boats…

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Does concrete float?

Dear Ed....ever heard of boats made of concrete? Is this poss....I wonder... do they float? Does it depend on the type of concrete? If it had enough 'air entrainer' in it might just stay above the…

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england to crete

hi all im thinking of a trip to crete and thought what better way to go than kayak. i have an ocean kayak yak board not the best for long trips i know. i'm based in southampton and regularly paddle…

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Enjoy your water times with Conquest adventure gea

Padding up for a tour then doesn’t forget to take the kayak travel boats and paddles. In the areas where there is some water world you could enjoy yourself or with a single partners. Kayak travel…

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Last Post: 10 May 2013
Epic Ventures, Outdoor Pursuits

Epic Ventures is an Edinburgh outdoor activities company providing guidance, tuition and equipment hire for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. These can be carried out, either in the Edinburgh area…

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Last Post: 31 Aug 2010

Hi, I am after some advice on cags and other equipment. My daughter is about to embark on a 6 month intensive outdoor pursuits instructor course in Ireland and needs to purchase some equipment. …

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for sale

hi i have 2 canoes for sale and im open to offers .both are a bit faded ones a corsica the other a pyrana inc 2 paddles

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From start till finish

Hi, my name is Kev and at 37 decided to get into paddling to both improve my fitness but to aim and achieve something that I can give back later. So my goal is to go from complete Novice having…

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Last Post: 20 Sep 2008
Gear Time

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Last Post: 22 Jul 2008
Get started hire a Sit-On-Top this summer

Introducing We specialise in the hire of Ocean Kayak Sit-On-Tops. Our aim is to provide a low cost introduction into the world of leisure kayaking, We have chosen the…

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Gimmer of hope

Gimmer: Physical Age 42, personal percieved age 18-24. Until the day / morning after when I revert back to 42!!

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Last Post: 06 Sep 2007
Grassy and my New Hobie Adventure Islander

Awesome Vessel when you get sore arms from having to bring back tired Custies. Helps my wife and her crew with those windy days when those custies can't paddle them selves home on the lake. She can…

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GRG's Adventure Kayaking

Sorry we haven’t written in ages (in fact only once I believe!!) No that the rivers are getting bigger we’re spending less and less time in the office, which, to be honest, I am not complaining about…

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Last Post: 11 Apr 2009
Grrrr Productions

Grrrr Productions is an entertainment company who broadcast videos from Kayakers descending a wier to a woodsman building a log cabin in the woods. Click on our youtube channel below…

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Hello. I am a keen kayaker and cannoier. Done a lot of moving water but only a little white water. But I need help. I am a student at college in outdoor education in sport and I have a unit on…

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hobie kayak owners ?

HI, Any hobie kayak pedalers out there ?Thats right Idid mean pedalers, please get in touch and share your experiences with me.

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hunstanton-London, 200 miles in a kayak

Cpl Richard Seed, AFCO Southend is Covering 200 Nautical Miles in a kayak to raise money for RAFA Hunstanton, Norfolk - St Pauls Cathedral, London The Royal Air Forces Association is celebrating the…

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Last Post: 01 Aug 2010
i'm new

hey, just writing this cus i want to get more involed into this whole thing. I'm 13 and my kayaking love is creek boating stuff and river rapids where you bounce down them and there's lot of edgeing…

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Last Post: 30 Mar 2009
interview with raymond greenway

name: ray greenway age: 20 where do you live: devon where do you paddle: river dart/exe mainly. also surf kayak in croyd your boat/s: i have a dagger g-force 6.2 and a pryana master light. …

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Jake Deakin

Im a 15 year old kid who is obsessed with kayaking. i do freestyle and riverrunning and am now coming on to doing some more challenging creeks. really my life revolves around kayaking

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Last Post: 21 Jun 2013
Joel's Paddling B-log

My name is Joel, I’m in my 50s, and this is a log of my paddling experiences. It chronicles one aspect of my journey through this life, my kayak adventures, and how I learn and mature from them.

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Josh's Blog

Hi Guys, My name is Josh Wedgwood and I am 16 years old. I mainly compete in freestyle but I have been known to run the steep stuff as well as slalom. I have been around canoes and kayaks for…

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Last Post: 17 Nov 2011
K1 kayak racing from novice

I started the blog when I first started last year at the age of 47 after having a break from canoeing for nearly 30 years. Really just to give an insight into the racing from scratch at an older…

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kayak joke

Two new canoeing enthusiasts were absolutely freezing so to keep warm they set a small fire in the middle of the kayak and as you might expect the kayak sprung a leak and…

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Kayak 4 Kidney

It's been at least 15 since I've been in a Kayak, 3 years ago I received a pancreas and Kidney, the pancreas failed but the Kidney is working good!!. The reason for Kidney failure was because I've…

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kayak tricks

i am 12 and can do nearly all playboater tricks, i have been kayaking for 6 years. i am looking to be a slalom kayaker and hopefully go to the olympics, i have been offered a job in france for river…

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Last Post: 19 Jan 2008
Kayak User

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Kayaking / Canoeing Photography

I have just returned to kayaking and would like to combine it with an interest in photography. My first attempts are in my gallery, which has images from the BCU Slalom event in Llangollen Oct 2008.…

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Kayaking D

Hiya I am new to kayaking (well for about 8 months as of may 2008 lol) I love it love it love it, completey addicted and getting better :) love all there is to love even being underwater and the…

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Last Post: 11 Mar 2009
kayaking the wye

hello paddlers, my name is arron, im 24 and from the west midlands area. birmingham. im pretty new to kayaking! been doing it now for 3years now when ever i get the chance. i started with a sevoy…

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Kayaking with one leg

I am taking a friend kayaking soon. He has kayaked before, but not since he lost his leg from just above the knee. I am concerned about his ability to maintain good balance and would appreciate…

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kayaks and gear sale

Liquid Logic Chico Kayak – nearly as new only used about 6 times great creek boat white Dagger Nomad 8.5 Kayak – again nearly new hardly used due to work commitments all need a good home…

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Leaky drysuits and waders

Well, I just wanna keep dry; but I love watersports, so this is my quest to find the best ways to do it!

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Last Post: 20 Feb 2010
learning to roll

hi I have only just managed to roll a kayak it only took 7 days apart from each other but with the great help of the person that was helping me I managed.I was so proud of my self and only at the age…

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If you love our pursuit then I was lucky to paddle on the Usk on Sunday. I was so so fortunate that with Croesyceiliog Canoe Club we paddled this great river. Saturday was low but Sunday was big. I…

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If you love our pursuit then I was lucky to paddle on the Usk on Sunday. I was so so fortunate that with Croesyceiliog Canoe Club we paddled this great river. Saturday was low but Sunday was big. I…

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hay dudes im a 17 year old yaker and wants to learn more about kayak surfing any info will be gladly recived. awsome.. see u later dudes

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Maiden Voyage

Hi My name is matthew, i'm 37 and have recently bought a sit on top Kayak. the kayak is a big game prowler, and at 12 ft 9" is quite a beast to try and lift on top of my land rover, so i had to…

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Hi, Im Maria and i love to paddle anywhere theres water :) Ive paddled a fair few rivers such as; Tryweryn - Upper and Lower Dart - Loop and Lower Symonds Yat Frome And probably some more…

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Miami fishing tips

Hi I am Adom Paul from Miami ! I like fishing and I am An Author !

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Morecambe Bay Paddlers

We are a group of paddlers with a variaty of sit on top kayaks you can find us in the bay most weekends there are good tides. We are all pritty new to this so dont travel far but we do have some good…

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Morpheus Adrenalin Designs

Morpheus & Crisis are two kayakers & graffiti artists who have started up a funky T-shirt design business, with a lean towards Adrenalin Sports (such as whitewater kayaking, surf kayaking, canoeing,…

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Last Post: 26 Feb 2008
Musings of an Amateur!

Hi I hav enrolled on this site to hopefully meet a few fellow paddlers and share a few experiences as a relative newcomer to this sport/ hobby. I began an interest in kayaking in 2009 after…

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Last Post: 28 Jun 2011
My Blog

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Last Post: 30 Aug 2011
My kayaking life

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My summer of kayaking 2011

A diary of my kayaking days for 2011. I hope to blog photos and thoughts..

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Last Post: 21 Apr 2011
National Student Rodeo 2008

The National Student Rodeo is an anual kayaking competition for students. The emphasis is on fun, good prizes and first class banter. With a piratical theme, 670 competitors and nearly 800 party…

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Last Post: 23 Feb 2008
Need Some Help!!!

Hi, My names Rob, Ive subscribed to the mag before and even got letter of the month (although i didint get my whisky :-( ) and im now looking at getting out onto the water! I live in manchester so…

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Never too old

Started sea kayaking last year aged 59, not having done it since I was 30! Been a biker (not Harley Ds, just Bmws!) but now going for the quiet life. Wow, its great. going up the river Deben next…

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Last Post: 07 Aug 2008

one hot weekend and seeing everyone kayaking did it for me !!! I am now the proud owner of a PRO Z TANGO in BRIGHT they see me coming...i have the equipment... I have the accessories...…

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Last Post: 15 Jun 2012

New Folding Kayaks - Enovoline Kayaks invites. PROMOTION PRICE FREE DELIVERY

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New to kayaking

Hi i am new to kayaking in fact i have just bought one only been in one once and enjoyed it that much i wanted to make it a hobby can anyone out there give me any tips or advice thanks Wayne

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Newport Paddlers

Hi we are a group of guys and gals paddling the wonderful coast line of west wales, and further when we can, this online blog is the ramblings of the club members stupid enough to continue paddling…

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Och`aye Canoe

Just a simple enthusiast`s blog trying to make it`s way in the universe.

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P.O.M.E. Paddling Downunder

Have been in Oz for five years now, came out from UK just after starting to paddle on a regular basis. Really liking the ocean and whatever whitewater we get. Heavily involved with…

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Paddling the Olympic Lea

We are just putting together our program of events at Whoosh Explore for 2012. We are a canoe club based near the White Water Centre and the Lea valley and wondered if A you were lucky enough to…

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Last Post: 16 Dec 2011
Panama Paddy's

A few friends an I are one month away from our biggest trip to date. Seven of us in total are heading to Bouquete in north western Panama in Central America. Three guys from the north west of…

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PBK 14

I had read one of your old blogs and wished to say I have a PBK 14 canoe but vinyl covered but;s it;s old . I wonder how many people still use these on the ocean / sea ?

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My name is Mark and i am the owner and founder of

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Last Post: 16 Feb 2011
Places for Kayakers to stay/have a meal

Places to stay around the Jurassic Coastline. please share with us your thoughts on places. We are also running a hotel in Lulworth Cove called Limestone at Lulworth and looking into offering meals/…

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Last Post: 01 Dec 2012


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I'm a biker before a paddler it has to be said (little beard little beer gut ha ha) If I'd come back to Biking after a long lay off I'd be classed as a "Born-Again-Biker" so coming back to kayaking…

1 Total post
Last Post: 16 Aug 2007

The first EVER C&K UK sponsored Pyranha Fest is drawing nearer and nearer and we're all getting excited about it! Being held at the Canolfan Tryweryn, National Whitewater Centre based near Bala,…

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Last Post: 06 Aug 2008
Rafting Italy

Hi river people¡¡¡ finally after 13 years guiding people in rivers class IV and V, all over the world, somebody trusth in me and support me ARTISTIC WATERSPORT COMPANY. I m very proud is the best.…

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Rain & Rock

So, im a university kayaker. I started kayaking in janurary 2010, and got pretty addicted. So this blog is intended to be an account of the kayaking adventures of swansea canoe club =D

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I have just left college and i would love to go kayaking all the time, I've got my 2 star in kayak/canoe also i have my FSRT... I think kayaking has done me good haha I love it.........

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River Kayak or Creek Kayak

Hi! Ive been kayaking for about 4 months now and thinking of getting my own kayak. The only problem is theres to much chose!!! I mainly want a kayak for Rivers, Touring and gentle white water…

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River Touring in Wales

River Touring the Mawddach Estuary (Snowdonia)

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Hello and welcome to my Blog.I have never had a blog before now so I thought I would give it a go.

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Last Post: 03 Jan 2012

I used to paddle in the days of Mirages and Dancers, paddle twirls and rodeo moves. Times have changed, but at the age of 35, I'm back in the saddle.

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saturday touring east anglia

I'm quite new to kayaking and i have joined a great local club. i fancy going a bit further afield now and everyone i have spoken to has said do NOT go off on your own. so im hoping i might tag along…

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search for flowing streams

i am new to kayaking and am on the hunt for local flowing streams / whitewater so that i can practice my kayaking and ultimately get better. i live in the reading area, the only flowing stream i know…

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sot heid

lokking for sit on top buddies around the greenock area to go on jaunts and surf

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enjoying the summer-like weather in north berwick. getting out on sea to do some fishing on bic fishing green sot. very stable ride. no fish yet.

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South Wales Kayak Anglers

This blog is to keep readers updated on our developments as our newly formed club goes from strength to strength.

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Last Post: 31 Jan 2010
Starting out

Well I've done it. got my first yak a second hand Tek Sport 360 excite. I'm sure everyone will tell me there are hundreds of better sit on yaks? (Please don't) Got my wet suit and bouyancy aid and…

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Starting out

A diary of our family starting out with adventures on the water! All 5 of us having a different opinion has made for an interesting experience so far.

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Last Post: 06 Jul 2010
StoneWeasel's Surf Blog

I am hoping to use this blog as a way to keep people up to speed with what is happening in the world of kayak surfing as well as an output for any random raging and ranting that I might do. I expect…

3 Total posts
Last Post: 03 Sep 2007

My name is Stuart Malcolmson and, although I don't paddle at the top of my field, I have a wide range of paddle sport knowledge and skills. This is my view on everything paddle sport related, from…

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Last Post: 07 Feb 2009
surf kayaker : james monger

surfkayaking (south / west) is the best by far, I live in southampton so i dont get to go west too much, i mainly stick with christchirch and kimmeridge in dorset it is superb!!! I dont own a proper…

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SW Sea Kayak Meet

A latecomer to paddle sports addicted to getting in a kayak whenever I see water wherever I go.

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im 15 but i dont look it iam very small

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The Adventure at the End of the World

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Last Post: 08 May 2010
The Barefoot Paddler

The title says 'Introduction' so here goes... Once Upon A Time there was a young, fit paratrooper who joined the battalion canoeing team for something to do on 'sports afternoon'. He learned to…

1 Total post
Last Post: 24 Sep 2011
The Beaver fibreglass canoe

The Beaver fibreglass canoe Hi There I am trying to track down any info or a example for sale of a square stern canoe called "The Beaver" (nothing to do with the american company to…

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The Beaver fibreglass canoe

Hi There I am trying to track down any info or a example for sale of a square stern canoe called "The Beaver" (nothing to do with the american company to my knowledge) The boat is fibreglass…

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The Ed

Jason has been our illustrious Ed since the very beginning. A river running whitewater paddler at heart, he's paddled all over he world and represented GB at the Freestyle Worlds. Jay has tried his…

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Last Post: 14 Mar 2011
The New Way of life

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Last Post: 10 Aug 2007
The River Severn below the weir

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Last Post: 04 Jun 2010
The Royal Dee

My self and a team of five experienced paddles/coaches are heading up to Scotland to paddle The River Dee from source to sea, next week. The team will be taking helmet cams, photographic equipment…

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The Spirituality of Kayaking

As a recreational whitewater kayaker and church of Scotland minister who's church sits on the bank of the Tay (the largest river in the UK - by volume), I can hardly go a day without reflecting on…

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Last Post: 13 Jan 2012
thule wing bars

at 60 have decided to start kayaking, better late than never

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Time on the water is time well spent

I've been paddling marathon and sprint K1 since I was 14. I have also raced Dragonboats since 19 at national and GB level. I have also raced outrigger canoes (OC6) and more recently marathon C2. My…

5 Total posts
Last Post: 04 Apr 2012

Hey up all... Now paddling a pink Fluid and loving it! This will be all about my experiences on the water wherever I go... Say hi on the water some time! Peace out

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Last Post: 20 Oct 2009
True Religion Outlet recognize it Am I True

True Religion Outlet recognize it Am I True her in this Discount True Religion jeans sale state, poor girl! She is becoming unconscious. I True Religion cloth cheap do not know where I True…

2 Total posts
Last Post: 15 Dec 2012
True Religion Outlet to great advantage by

True Religion Outlet to great advantage by <br> is not likely to prove either safe or easy the Earl of Murray and his heresy are too well rooted to be grubbed up by two old women." As he thus…

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Last Post: 08 Dec 2012

well. this is my first time doing this 'blog' stuff... not quite sure what its about... this friday, im getting away from family and devon... paddling the tryweryn. for the first time. ive been…

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Vaya con Rios

Do what you like, like what you do

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Vaya con rios

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Last Post: 17 Nov 2010
Wareham Boat Hire

Offering a mixture of Kayaks and Canoes for hire by the hour or day. Visit us on Abbots Quay, Wareham BH20 4LW Or see our website for more information;

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Last Post: 18 Mar 2013
West Of Scotland Kayak Fishing

Summer is near, and having just moved house, I find myself living 100 meters from the beach. I have decided it's time to get myself back on the water, and combine two of my favourite sports in one,…

2 Total posts
Last Post: 01 Apr 2011
wher to go,

new to kayaking, just need help. me and a friend haveme and a friend have got into whitewater kayaking in the last year and have only ever been down the river usk fron just above senny bridge in…

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Last Post: 04 Jun 2009
White Water Bad Water NEED a New CAG

Hi, my first go at this so please give me a bit of slack, just getting ready for white water season fest and mices have been borrowing my gear AGAIN and has we all know there is nothing worse as cold…

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White Water Kenya May 2013

Hi, I have a trip planned to Kenya for the 6th May 2013. It's a 2 week trip with the option of doing 10 days. I have costs off a company for all transport, accommodation, food and a guide. There…

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Whitewater Boyz,

The world of the Whitewater boyz! We have been based in the Thames Valley longer than most, and anyone that knows the Thames Valley knows that it has some of the best playboating the world has to…

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Last Post: 17 May 2007
Who hid my canoe?

I can't find my canoe... someone hid it, or ran away with it. How unfair! If you took it, can you give it back please? Here you will find ramblings on the search for my canoe.....

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Last Post: 18 Sep 2007


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yo dudes im harley i like any watersports even fishing, i always go out kayaking with ma kayak buddy tristan. we just kayak all day long around overcombe and redcliffe located in dorset. we also…

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