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Beginners, getting started in Canoeing & Kayaking
Getting started in canoeing & kayaking is incredibly exciting, there's so much to learn!

To help you fast track your progress we've put together a great selection of features for beginners to help you on your journey. How To, Coaching Tips, Places to Paddle, What Gear and loads more. Happy paddling and welcome to the Canoe Kayak UK online family.

Open Canoeing

Open boating in a Canadian Canoe on Wastwater, Lake District
The gentle art of the Canadian canoe, the perfect tool for wilderness adventures, gentle touring or family canoeing fun! If you're new to canoeing or a seasoned canoe enthusiast dedicated to follwing the path of the paddle we have articles, canoe & gear tests and how to videos for you.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking on the ocean is freedom and adventure.
Sea kayaking, to us that means unlimited freedom and adventure. Point your bow here for articles, sea kayaking destinations, sea kayak navigation tips and much, much more.


Whitewater kayaking is exciting, challenging and fun
Whitewater kayaking... It's a white, wild, watery world! River running, rescue and safety, steep creeking, extreme racing, boater-X... If it's whitewater kayaking or canoeing then you'll find it here. If you're new to the world of whitewater paddling, then take a look at Canoe & Kayak's Whitewater kayaking A-Z Jargon Buster


Canoe touring or kayak touring is relaxing, fun and a great way to see nature and the countryside
Cruising the waterways of the world in a touring kayak or canoe can take you places you've never imagined. So whether your into open canoe touring or sit on top kayaks then take a look and be prepared to be inspired.


Freestyle canoeing & kayaking is all about big tricks
Technical Tricks and Huge Moves... In fantastic Whitewater, Freestyle Kayaking is all about control, skill and grabbing Big Air!

Surf Kayaking

Surf kayak action on a huge surf wave. Kayak surfing is a full-on adrenaline sport
Surf kayaking the ultimate in exhileration.There's not much that can beat the feeling of flying across the face of a wave carving turns in a surf kayak. This section's full of surf kayaking articles for all you kaykak surfing soul surfers out there!


A Canoe & kayak coach with a student kayaker
If you're looking for features and articles on canoe & kayak coaching you'll find them here.  From the BCU Star Awards to Level 5 assesments and everything inbetween...

Latest Articles

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Competition schedule for ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships 2015 confirmed August 4th 2015 –

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100 days to go

ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships-September 16th and 20th

One hundred days from now, the biggest global canoeing event outside of the Olympic Games will return to the UK for the first time in 20 years. 300 of the world’s top Canoe Slalom athletes from 55 countries will descend on Lee Valley White Water

Lee Valley Whitewater centre - olympic Whitewater Course

Lee Valley 'Olympic' White Water Course Guide

Looking for Whitewater kayaking action in London & the South East? Then check out this useful guide to the Lee Valley 'Olympic' White Water Centre...

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