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Every issue of Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine involves a team of dedicated and talented individuals to make it all happen. Check out the profiles below to find out a little bit more about our team, and some of our regular contributors and gear testers.

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Jason Smith - Managing Editor

Jason has been steering Canoe & Kayak UK's course since the very beginning. A river running whitewater paddler at heart, he's paddled all over the world (every continent except Antartica) and represented GB at the Freestyle Worlds in New Zealand. Jay has tried his hand at nearly every kind of canoeing and kayaking, and even completed the famous Devizes to Westminster Canoe race in the non-stop K2 class (couldn't sit down for three days afterwards apparently). When he's not tied to his desk you can usually find him on a river somewhere, getting trashed in his playboat at the whitewater course in Nottingham, sea kayaking, open canoeing with his wife & daughter or falling off his mountain bike!

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Simon Moody - Development Publisher
Simon Moody Canoe & Kayak UK & GO Canoeing & Kayaking Publisher
Our illustrious leader, the Boss, the Gaffer, Simon seems to manage to squeeze more hours in to everyday and more days into every week. Always on hand to support the rest of the CK team and offer invaluable words of wisdom when needed. Due to his amazing time stretching powers as well as juggling a daunting work load Simon also manages to indulge his passion for music and football with frequent visits to gigs by the latest bands and the terraces of QPR. And get in some serious hillwalking adventures and plenty of quality time with his family too. We suspect that he never sleeps! ; )
Philippa Edis - Sales Executive
Canoe & Kayak UK Online Advertising Production
When she's not looking after the needs of our online & print advertisers Philippa enjoys a spot of outdoor adventure and has been sighted in kayaks on more than one occassion. A true country gal though she likes nothing more than getting stuck in with the young farmers and anything that involves tractors and wellies! Socialising, shopping & DIY are also high on her list of favourite things!

If you want to find out how & Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine can help your business then Philippa's ready and waiting to assist.
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Andrianna Curtis - Designer
Canoe & Kayak UK Andrianna snowboarding
Andrianna is the newest addition to the Canoe & Kayak UK team and is a bit of a fitness fanatic, when she isn’t at a bootcamp or in a pool or lake she can be found on a bike or in the winter snowboarding down a mountain! She is an avid footie fan, supporting her home team of Tottenham Hotspur and loves to try out new sports so I am sure she will soon be in a canoe! She has a passion for design and is looking forward to bringing that to the Canoe & Kayak UK party!
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Ross Montandon - Coaching Consultant
Ross in his Canoe

Ross is a welcome addition to the Canoe and Kayak Editorial team and is already making his presence felt both on-line and in the mag. A keen whitewater paddler running rivers, open canoeing and freestyle are Ross's passions, but he also enjoys passing on his knowledge by coaching. Ross has already squeezed a lot in to his tender years and will be helping us develop the website in to an even better resource for all of our readers/viewers, not to mention making the office ladies' swoon when he strolls in to CK Towers in his suntan and flip flops ; )  

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Shelley Bright - Marketing
Shelley Bright
Shelley takes care of marketing, which includes organising all those fantastic subs gifts, special offers and competitions. Shelley also looks after us all and is always on hand to help out with keeping us organised and our readers and on-line community looked-after and happy. When she's not working Shelley can be found camping in some wild corner of England with her family.
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Clubs - Team Canoe & Kayak UK -
Just afew of the Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine Test Team
If you'd like Team Canoe & Kayak UK to come along and take part in your canoe club's paddling session or trip drop us an e-mail and we'll do our best to come along, take part and then feature you canoe club in the pages of Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine.
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Sue Ward - Print Advertising Production
Sue Goes On a Sit-On-Top Kayak Adventure
Sue's been part of the team for 8 years,  she started off as one of our magical 'subs fairies' in subscriptions and now works dealing with the advertising production for Canoe & Kayak UK & Climber. Sue however maintains that her ideal job would be a taste tester for Cadburys. In her spare time Sue likes to go walking with her dogs and playing squash, and not to mention a spot of canoeing too!
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Tim Gent - Fringe Canoeist
Open Canoeist Tim Gent
Having given the matter some thought, Tim is not convinced that humans are a very good idea - although he admits they have their moments, the invention of the canoe being one of them. While reconciled with being part of the evolutionary phenomenon, he is happiest when exploring the remaining wilder and uninhabited bits of our islands, or anywhere else his canoe-crested van can reach. Once there, he (and Susannah) can usually be found in a tent somewhere between the sea and mountains, ready to paddle, saunter or clamber in search of interesting  locations. Tim's aim is to pass on these experiences so that others might follow - but perhaps not too many, or at
least not all at once.
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Jim Krawiecki - Sea kayak guidebook writer
Jim Krawiecki
Jim works at the offices of the British Mountaineering Council and as well as his keen interest in hillwalking and mountaineering he is also a keen paddler. Jim's paddled on many whitewater rivers but  it is his passion for sea kayaking, which has driven him to co-write the first comprehensive sea kayaking guidebook to the Welsh coast.  'Welsh Sea Kayaking' was published in September 2006 by Pesda Press. Jim is also a regular contributor to CKUK and his series of sea kayaking guides to the northern coasts of England have proven very popular indeed, as did his successful attempt to kayak across Northern England. Jim is currently hard at work on a new guidebook to Northern England and the Isle of Man for Pesda press, which should be hitting the shops very soon. You can read Jim's BLOG Here
Olly Sanders - Salty Sea Dog
Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach Olly Sanders
A climber and paddler, Olly has been heading out on expeditions for over 20 years, be it in the mountains or on the sea. Nominated in 2004 for the Piolet D,Or for a first a first ascent in Alaska. A level 5 Sea Coach and M.I.C he runs his own coaching company after working full time at Plas-y-Brenin, the National Mountain Centre for ten years. More recently Olly has been combining sea kayaking and climbing to do first ascents in Greenland. Olly’s always up for a trip as long as there’s a descent supply of coffee and no more polar bear encounters!
 Check out to find out more about Olly's coaching and guiding activities
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Tel:01248 410877
Nathan Eades (Yellow Boy) - The Seeker of Surf
Kayak Surfer Nathan Yellowboy Eades
Hailing from Wales, Nathan travels the globe with his surf kayak or wave-ski in search for that perfect wave. While his main drive is surf travel and free surfing, Nathan has designed his own surf kayaks and also gets his kicks out of competitive surf kayaking finishing 3rd at the 2009 Kayak Surfing World Championships. Nathan is currently teaching in Peru, where he gets to surf world-class waves after work every day!
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Jim Evans - Mr Gear

Based in Nottingham Jim's an experienced product designer and veritable human dynamo. Inbetween testing, sourcing and researching gear for Canoe and Kayak UK he runs, along with his partners, successful outdoor manufacturing/retailing business He also organisies and runs the very popular Plastic Fantastic Challenges, and has some great ideas for boater-X and multi-discipline events for 2009. In between all of that Big Jim still manages to squeeze in plenty of paddling (and ice climbing, snowboarding, biking) too!

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Steve 'Black Dog' Butler - Test Teamer
Black Dog Butler - Likes pie!

Steve has been involved with testing gear for Canoe and Kayak UK from the very beginning. When he's not out running rivers or playboating he's ripping up waves in his surfboat or eating up the miles in a marathon kayak. Blessed with a wicked sense of humour and endless enthusiasm for paddling Steve can often find himself in 'interesting' situations. Be it receiving the ‘evil eye’ from a Nepalese holy woman or finding himself doing the DW with Editor Jace after believing he was agreeing to a boozy weekend on the Guinness at the Liffey descent! Steve likes to keep himself trim and is Canoe and Kayak's resident fitness expert, and Bruce Lee fan, his latest thing is doing 24-hour solo mountainbike races and triathlons - despite being uber fit Mr Butler is still fond of a pie or a slice of cake!

Tom Laws - Chap about town

Tom has spent the last few years living in Bangor, North Wales, when he isn't teaching the next generation he is outside. Whether it is on, under, or by water he loves it. When the rivers are up you will find him doing laps on the Aberglaslyn Gorge, or spinning around underwater in his glittery squirt boat. If it hasn't rained he is most likely skating or biking, nothing like a filthy ride to build up an appetite! Tom has managed to spend all his money on a selection of big shiny lenses, and spends quite a lot of time documenting all the exciting things him and his friends get up to. He is addicted to tea and is currently busy producing an updated version of the classic Welsh Paddling guidebook with original author Chris Sladen

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The Floater - The Voice of the Common Paddler

A nebulous character from the outer reaches of the paddling universe. The Floater has been holding forth in his monthly column on everything from access, to frozen wetsuit boots, to the meaning of life from the very first issue. Locked away at the back of the boatshed he bangs away at the keyboard seeking truth, justice and the paddling way! In-between dispensing cutting edge comment for the discerning canoeist The Floater earns a crust penning TV scripts for family favourites, such as Peak Practice, East Enders, Holby City and the Bill!

Floaty can also neen seen in his Folky guise in the best Folk Party Band (Farty?) in Chichester The Renegade Dogs

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Emily Wall - Women's Page

We felt it was about time that female paddlers had a specific voice in the pages of Canoe and Kayak UK, so here it is. Hosting that page from now on will be Emily Wall. A paddler for over nine years, who enjoys playboating, river running and creeking, she has also been the Junior Ladies European Freestyle Champ, and recently held the prestigious, and difficult role of Chief Judge at the 2007 World Freestyle Champs in Canada. Emily simply loves to paddle, a lot, and she’s passionate about paddle-sports, so we felt she’d be ideal to host the page. If you’ve got a topic you’d like to see aired here, or some news drop Ems a mail

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Colin 'Wiggy' Fisher - Test Teamer
Colin Fisher

Wiggs was practically born with a paddle in his hand and has been playing in the outdoors on water, rock and snow since he was a nipper. A trained product designer Wiggs has an eye for the details. On the water he's always silky smooth and keeps a cool head, this makes him ideal as a blind probe! Based in the Peak district he's only a short hop away from the rivers of North Wales and he's a veteran of many overseas expeditions.

Ed Smith - Freestyle Correspondent at Large
Ed Smith

Ed's our man on the inside of all things freestyle. Ed's been tearing it up at freestyle competitions and extreme races for the last few years and his dedication, passion and determination have seen him become arguably the best freestyle paddler that the UK has produced and he is now widely recognised as one of the best freestyle paddlers in the world. Simply put Ed loves paddling and when he's not training or competing you'll find him searching out and running steep whitewater, be it a crazy Californian torrent or a vertical boulder filled burn in his native Scotland.

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James Weir - Canadian Canoe Nut

Simply put James is just crazy about Canadian canoes. Whether it's running hard rapids on challenging whitewater rivers or gently gliding across a mirror flat lake... He loves it! And his burning passion is to introduce as many other people as possible to the joys of the Canadian canoe and his endless enthusiasm on the water and concise and thorough writing on the page is helping him to do just that! James is supported in his adventures by Nookie, Esquif Canoes, Kober Padddles, Sweet Helmets and Mother Nature.

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