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Pacific Horizons
Pacific Horizons
Canoe and Kayak - Posted on 16 Mar 2009

A beautiful film shot and directed by Bryan Smith, which highlights the joys, and the characters, of sea kayaking in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  From the opening section featuring Greenland rolling and rope gymnastics champion, and aficionado of ‘commando kayaking’ Dubside Pacific Horizons draws you in to it and instils a deep wish to be out on the water yourself. The action then moves to a variety of outstanding locations. The wilds of Oregon’s stunning coastline, a record breaking circumnavigation of Vancouver Island and a road trip to surf the tidal races of British Columbia in sea kayaks* it’s breathtaking stuff. We really enjoyed watching this film and even some non-sea kayaking friends found it fascinating. The filming, editing and post-production are all first rate and when combined with the subject matter it adds up to a first class sea kayak adventure film.

RRP: £19.99
Available from all good canoe shops and online at

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1.Duncan Smith
26 Nov 2008 05:37
This is a superb DVD and well worth a watch. I would rate it up there with the 'This Is The Sea' set of DVD's. I have a review up a
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