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Dave Carrol Ireland's finest whitewater kayaker

Posted: 18 Mar 2009

River runner, expedition paddler, traveler, playboater, wilderness's Ireland's one and only Dave 'The Bullet' Caroll

River and surf kayaker Rusty Sage

Posted: 18 Mar 2009

Freestyler, surf-kayaker, extreme river runner, World Champion US paddler Rust Sage fits them all

whitewater kayaker Peter Cornes Interviewed

Posted: 18 Mar 2009

From glitter to grace, canoe and kayak magazine manages to catch up with Pete Cornes to find out where he likes to spend his days on the river.

The National Student Rodeo Event Report

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Those canoeing & kayaking students get out everywhere, when they're not conjuring zany wild ideas for University, they're out on the water having canoe & kayak fun. Have a read to catch up on the swash buckling action at the National Student rodeo 2008.

River Jabber with Open boater - James Weir

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

We chat to Open Canoeist James Weir to see where he likes to spend his days in cruising around in his Open boat

Interview with Whitewater Pro-kayaker Andy Holcombe

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Words with one of the world's best freestyle, river running and creek boaters

River Jabber with Whitewater kayaker Colin Wong

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

We catch up with Colin Wong to see where he likes to spend his days on the river paddling.

Whitewater Kayaker Matt Tidy - Interrogated

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

UK freerider Matt Tidy faces the Canoe and Kayak Interrogation.

Great British Freestyle Kayak Team 2008

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Ladies and gentleman I give you the Great British Freestyle Kayak team for the European Championships out in Ourense Spain.

Interview with Surf Kayaker Chris Harvey

Posted: 17 Mar 2009

Chasing the Curl - Words with Wave Rider Chris Harvey

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