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AJ Kayak Cradles
AJ Kayak Cradles
Canoe & Kayak UK Test Team - Posted on 26 Aug 2010
These are open cell foam blocks that have been designed as a more convenient and cheaper alternative to J-bars, for the loading and transportation of kayaks. Thanks to the open cell foam they absorb minimal water in rainy conditions and still function as if they were dry. The blocks measure 45cm wide x 15cm high x 15cm wide and the slot running through them is 6cm across making them suitable for the majority AJ Foam Kayak Cradlesof roof rack bars.

The Verdict

When first unwrapped these we were a bit underwhelmed, just a couple of bits of shaped foam we thought. But the best ideas are often the simplest ones and so the cradles proved to be. We often have cause to transport sea kayaks and touring boats and they are always a pain to load on to the roof rack. The hull shapes usually mean that we have to mess about fitting J-bars, and these take time to fit and because we’ll usually be loading whitewater boats, or canoes etc next time they have to come off again afterwards every time. We were totally impressed with just how easy, quick and convenient the AJ cradles are to use. Just pop them on your bars, chuck the boat on top, and strap it down and away you go. Easy as that! No pressure points on the hull no fiddling with a spanner; they’re the business. It took just few minutes to load up a long touring boat and then we were away. The foam molds to the hull shape and gives a surprisingly secure fit. Once you’re dome you just whip them off and bung them in the shed ready for next time, and they’re so light and easy to store you can even keep them in your boats rear hatch if it has one. Simple, effective and a lot cheaper than traditional J-bars. We give these a big CKUK thumbs up.

RRP: £24.99
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